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Astarie Apothecary located in the DMV area. DC, Maryland and Virginia (Then known as Tastefull Creations) was started in 2010 one year after my son was born. He had severe eczema as well as a few other allergies. I began researching ways to help him as Over the counter and prescription methods were not working.
I began researching things to do to help him, it was there that I came across the “Old Fashioned” way of making soap. Cold Process Soap Making. I had always loved creating and making things so once I found out about this, I was hooked. The soaps I made were effective in soothing my son’s skin and he no longer had reactions to the body washes, lotions and laundry detergents we had previously used. The rest, as they say, is History.
I am passionate about making practical and pretty soaps and cosmetics. I use quality ingredients to create effective products. My biggest joy is being able to make those same products look and smell beautiful. They are not too pretty to use.  Please use them, I’ll make more, I promise!
In 2019 I founded Bars of Blessings as a way to give back to those in our society who are often looked over and thought to be less than deserving. As someone who spent a few years in a homeless shelter and transitional living program, I know the embarrassment, struggle and ridicule many receive when they find themselves in less fortunate situations. Something as simple as a bar of sop is a huge luxury. Many times they get the lowest bottom of the barrel items, but these are the people that need a moment of self care the most. I began collecting bars of soaps from fellow soap makers as well as giving our own to place in Blessing Bags for the Homeless. Our goal is to offer not only soaps but other Handcrafted toiletries to Shelters, Transitional homes and other organizations that help and house those of us who could use just a moment to relax but also the best care all around that they can possibly get.
I have recently reformulated our recipes to become fully vegan. We are also committed to becoming as Eco-friendly as possible. We have started removing plastics from our packaging and will continue to do so until we are able to eliminate all single use items in both our packaging and in our production.
Thank you for supporting my small business! When you purchase from my small business, you help to provide for my family and for that I am grateful.
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